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Solar Panels & Inverters

Our standard quote for your home solar includes solar panels from Hyundai, Solar World and LG's top rated solar panel
Our standard quote also offers SolarEdge DC Optimizer Inverter
Other solar panels and inverters available including Enphase & others

  1. LG 320 N1C-G4
    LG 320 N1C-G4
    This panel is arguably the best residential solar panel available. Rated at 320W. Data Sheet
  2. SolarEdge DC Optimzer
    SolarEdge DC Optimzer
    The SolarEdge DC Optimizer is a Freeman Solar favorite as it offers similar functionality as a micro-inverter at a much lower cost. Data Sheet
  3. Solar World 290 Mono
    Solar World 290 Mono
    Rated best overall by! Data Sheet
  4. Hyundai HiS-S285RG
    Hyundai HiS-S285RG
    This solar panel offers outstanding performance and low price while still offering a 25 year >80% production warranty Data Sheet

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Freeman Solar - Solar for Home Utah Home Solar Company best equipment, better price, Salt Lake City, Davis county, Ogden Ut